Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord . “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your God.----Ish 66:9 .......... 
When a woman is pregnant, she will be given a delivery date and month. Now when that moment of birth comes. she goes to the birthing place to deliver. The one who saw her through the time of pregnancy and brought her to the moment of birth says SHE MUST DELIVER. For as many as are pregnant with glorious ideas, it"s your moment of birth. It is is time for you to deliver all those great, glorious and wise ideas. and dreams you have been pregnant with. Though the delivery looks impossible, it looks as if you will die with the ideas and the dreams ; Fear not for He is with you and He has promised to get you there ...... Your moment of birth. and YOU SHALL DELIVER AND BE CELEBRATED IJN. For He shall divinely strengthen and support you to gloriously deliver...Amen.


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