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When people don't like you for no just cause, 99.9% of the time, they do it for some reasons: 1.They are NOT happy with themselves . 2. They want what you have (your marriage, your wonderful children, your business, your job, and above all, your blessed life of glory). They always result to this because of PRIDE, FEAR, CONFUSION AND IDENTITY CRISIS.
PRIDE: They are too proud to come to you and find out what they need to do to start enjoying the kind of peace and joy you have in your life.
FEAR: They are in fear of what their circle of like -minds associate would say and do to them.
CONFUSION: They are so confused that they tell you they know their life style is wrong, yet they want to force you to give your approval. The reason why someone will tell you they did not choose a life style, but they were born that way. Please show me how, if you live your life from birth differently from the way you are now. VERY VERY CONFUSED SET OF PEOPLE.
IDENTITY CRISIS: They don't know who …