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Ok, so a Police officer stopped me last nite. Oh, you bet I rung my daddy right on the Daddy I need your mercy tonite I said. My son started crying, and the officer walked up to my car. I rolled down the window and he asked " why did you run the red light"?? I was dumbfounded, cos i did not go through the light, I only made a right turn. So, I said I did not know that I can't make a right turn on red and he said yes you can, but you did not come to a complete stop before you made the right turn. Anyway, he asked for my DL, and as I was about bringing it out, he asked why my son was upset and I said because you stopped us. The officer said " I will let you go tonight, but be very careful next time. You may not know, but they are out there to write more tickets than ever before, and the amount you will pay is not even funny. So people be careful, no matter how late you are to your destination, it's better to be late and be safe than to have to pay a r…


Paul and Silas traveled on through Amphipolis and Apollonia and came to Thessalonica, where there was a synagogue. According to his USUAL HABIT, Paul went to the synagogue.......... Acts 17:1-2

When you take vacation or you are just visiting a friend or family member for the weekend, what is the first thing you are hoping they have at that place you are visiting?. Now I'm not talking to unbelievers but believing, spirit filled Christians, so to say. It's amazing how much we claim to love God but we position Him in a place like an immovable god. You see people going on vacation and what they care to know about that place is the shopping mall, the club house, yes I say the club house, and yes so called children of God. They will leave the christian life behind at home, and so is their God. Paul's usual habit is to look for a place where to worship his God even while away from home. Being away from home does not and should not mean being away from God. You are visiting people …


Oni lori be, ojo ola nbo wa da mo fe ke mo. Fi igbagbo duro, ayo re nbo, oni le koro a da, ojo ola a da a o.

Remember how long it takes for Sarah to have a child, what Hannah had to go through in the hands of her rival before receiving her blessing. Look in your story book about the woman with the issue of blood, how she spent all she had, yet no solution. Let's also remember that young girl that lost her parents, became orphan before she became the queen. What about that young man that was maltreated by his family and then left the prison to become a prime minister. What about a nation that suffered in the hands of another nation for four hundred years before receiving deliverance. I can go on and on beloveth, Let's hold on to our faith, Your mourning shall be turned into dancing and your life will eventually be filled with an unspeakable joy of the Lord full of glory. And like Hannah, the Lord will fill your mouth with a new song IJN.


For 430years Isarael was in servitude, with nothing to show for it. I decree it, declare it and pray it over your life today that every power making you work with nothing to show for it, it is DESTROYED by the finger of God IJN. You better shout a resounding AMEN...


All the nations that were around us became afraid. They weren't sure of themselves anymore. They realized that our God had helped us finish the work......Nehemiah 6:15-16... Your miracle, testimonies and the mighty helping hand of God in your life will throw your enemies into confusion IJN.


Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Phil. 4:6.

I just want to say daddy o, E se. I just to say Baba o e seun.

Father, I thank you for everything; Thanks for the roof over my head - many have lost their homes, many have been evicted; I may not have a mansion but am grateful for what I have. Thank you Lord for the little food I have - My little means abundance to many and they are grateful for it. Many have nothing at all and no hope of what to eat and where it will come from, and they are still grateful. Father I'm grateful for daily bread today. Daddy I appreciate you for my car; I may not have Lexus, Mercedes or Cadillac, but Many don't have any and many don't even have fare for public transport, yet they are praising you. Gracious father I bless your holy name for being alive today, I may not have all that I need or want at this time, I know they will surely come. Many would have lov…