Now I am sending you to the King of Egypt so that you can lead my people out of his country.

But Moses said to God, "I AM NOBODY. How can I go to the King and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?" Exodus 3:10-11

Moses' had been called or chosen even before He was born. Him been at the burning bush was just the time of physical fulfillment of his calling which he himself was not aware of. The burning bush was the path to his calling which he walked on to get closer to his calling and find out what he needed to do; And when God called his name at the burning bush on mount sinai which is also known as holy mountain, Moses did answer God, but when the assignment was given with the instruction, then Moses realized he was nobody to be reckoned with. He started looking for way out, way to excuse himself out of the assignment that is being given to him. He gave every excuses he could give to let God know how unqualified he was.

May be you have been hearing God calling you or assigning you to a certain task, but you have been looking down on yourself like Moses thinking you are nobody, or you don't have what it takes to work for God. You may even be saying or asking yourself why would God wants to use someone like me with a stinking past. Let me remind you that your past has nothing to do with what He has decided to do with you. Your past is really in the past. He is saying to you now... Forget the past.......ish 43:18-19. No matter what you may have done in the past, the sin you have committed, or the filthiness you have bathe yourself in, remember you have been made whole again when you gave your life to the Master of the universe, you have been made the righteousness of God in Christ hallelujah. So if you are still thinking that you are not qualified, I want you to know that God DOES NOT CALL THE QUALIFIED, rather, HE QUALIFIES THOSE HE CALLS. I encourage you today to rise up, be courageous and take that bold step to go closer to your calling, answer Him and step out in faith as He equip you to do what He is asking you to do. You shall make it to glory IJN. Shalom.


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